Finals Preview and Prediction

Will we see an epic 7 game series or will one of the super teams just roll over the other one.

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It's the finals that everyone predicted dating back to basically this time last year. Everyone who follows NBA in the slightest would've predicted that this was the finals that we were going to see and well it's the one that we got.

One thing that makes these finals different than the previous 2 that we saw between these two teams, is going into the series both teams appear to be all healthy. 2 years ago Kevin Love was already out for the playoffs and Kyrie was basically on one leg and it ended up giving out on him in game 1. Last year Curry was banged up and say what you will about the injury, there was no doubt we saw a different Curry after the injury.

So year 3 we get the rubber match between the two super teams that have dominated and changed the landscape of the sport. Articles have been popping up all week and all day and sports shows have been talking about it all week and non-stop today as well. Many will hype up the series to make it sound like it's going to be an epic final and give an easy answer like Warriors in 7, almost like a cop out answer. So let's get down to the meat of it all and make a prediction.

My prediction is Warriors in a sweep. I know the Cavs have Lebron playing some of his best basketball and they just steamrolled the East almost as badly as the Warriors did the West. The Warriors are on just a completely different level right now and I believe they have been saving their best for the Cavs and they want revenge from last year and they want to rub it in.

The Cavs are definitely a better team this year compared to last but their improvement pails in comparison to the Warriors. Curry has had somewhat of a quiet year up until the playoffs and we are seeing Curry playing at the same level that he played at last year during the regular season. The Cavs won't be able to put Lebron onto Curry either this year because of some guy named Kevin Durant. 

Curry isn't the only one that has an ax to grind with Lebron, Kevin Durant has gone to finals once before and Lebron's Heat rolled over KD and the Thunder is 5 games. So look for a very motivated KD to show up and KD is already having a ridiculous playoffs look for that to continue in the finals. Even if KD is just average KD this series, imagine KD getting all those wide open looks that Harrsion Barnes missed left and right last year. KD isn't going to shoot 35% from the field and 31% on wide open 3s.

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The Warriors have also improved their bench as well over last year. The Warriors have the ultimate X-factor and spark plug coming off the bench in Javale McGee. So far in the playoffs, Javale McGee's per 36 numbers are 24 points, 11 rebounds and 3.5 blocks on 74% shooting from the floor. Another name to keep a look out for is Patrick McCaw. The rookie 2nd round pick is shooting 39% on his 3s and playing some very pesky defense and is able to guard 1-3. Oh, the Warriors also still have their 2 staples of their bench with Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston.

Don't get me wrong, the Cavs are a super team themselves and aren't going to just roll over at the site of Golden State. Kevin Love is playing his best basketball in a Cavs uniform and playoff Kyrie has shown up. The Cavs have also built a nice rotation with new faces Deron Williams and Kyle Korver both giving quality rotation minutes. 

This series though is going to be what it looks like when a great team faces off against an all-time great team. I expect 2 blowouts and 2 close games but with the Warriors taking all 4 games. 

Jun 1, 2017


David Graves